Fernando Batlle

CEO, Executive Officer

Vast experience as system administrator and IT consultant, being the Tech Lead in PHRQL Inc. (USA) for more than 3 years. Specialist in DB, systems and telematic communications.

Breogán Amoedo

CTO, Technical Officer

Internship in Human Sensing Lab-Robotics Institute (Carnegie Mellon), followed by the incorporation to PHRQL Inc. (USA). Specialist in UI and data analyzing with Machine Learning.

Merce López

Brand Executive Officer

11 years of experience in multimedia design, being 8 of them chief of design on a tv company. Specialist on multidevice support, hierarchy of contents and usability.

Daniel Gayoso

Developer. Frontend developer

Despite of his youth, he has already lead several projects in fields as the online education and e-Health. Expert on mobile apps and iOS development.


We are lucky to count and being surrounded by great professionals (also great people) from other companies that we used to collaborate with: