GenHem App

App GenHem: Manual de Genética Hematológica for smartphones and tablets

GenHem is a Practical Manual for Genetical Hemathology that contains 39 chapters and it has been written by more than 100 specialist of GCECGH and the GBMH that, instead of being published as a paper book, it is released as an app for smartphones and tablets.

Available for Android and iOS, the app consists on an interactive reading of the information, easing the consulting of information such as tables, extra content, glossary, bibliography and interactive images in a seamless way (by just clicking on content icons without leaving the main content). The app format also allows to underline the text and take notes on it, also features a search tool which facilitates to find information accross the whole content.

Besides the design and implementation of the app, we published the app in Google Play an the App Stores, based on ASO criteria. Marketing wise, we created the website to advertise the app and some promotional actions were conducted such as sending press notes (containing kit images) to different news agencies (some of them specialized on eHealth), informational mailing to medical societies, flyers delivered in a hemathology congress...

Thus, as it happens with some other projects, we manage the project itself from the very beginning (concept phase) till the end with the market release with the marketing and media communication actions, covering the whole product cycle.

The app, launched in 2016, was recognized as the 2nd best health app for medical professionals in 2017 in the Ranking of the ISYS Foundation. Since then it has received important updates (such as the implementation in 2018 of its recommendations guide) and will be launched in English throughout this year (to make the leap to the international market). From the beginning it counts with the endorsement of Sociedad Española de Hematología y Hemoterapia (SEHH).

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