Curso online y web de la Red Transfronteriza Biomasa AP

Online course and website of the Transfrontier Biomass-AP Network

One of our latest projects (working in progess) belongs to the environmental sector. In this case, it is a cross-border project for R & D centers based in Spain and Portugal: the Biomass-AP Cross-border Network.

In this project, from Lapisoft we have been in charge of the implementation of a website in which the partners of the network (companies, institutions and research centers) can access to information about projects on demand, financing opportunities or even find partners for new projects or being offered as one.

In addition, on the web you can find different resources related to the activity of the network and the Biomass-AP project and information about its findings.

But our collaboration in the project does not end here, staring in 2019 we will implement an online multi-language training platform so that professionals from the field can be trained on both sides of the border. Three courses, both in Spanish and Portuguese to consolidate all the knowleadge that this project is offering to its members.