In company training

In company training: online courses for Emalcsa employees

The training of the workers of a company is, without doubt, one of its most important values. For this reason, many companies offer adapted courses for the specific training needs of the company as well as those of its employees.

In Lapisoft we not only dedicate ourselves to training related to the medical field, nor only to "open" training (free access, after registration); we are happy to face any proposal in the field of online training.

Proof of this is one of the projects carried out for Emalcsa (Municipal Water Company of A Coruña) in which we responded to the request for an in-company training platform (exclusively for workers) on environmental issues that was easy to use and with attractive content for employees. The objective: that the staff know all the parts that make up Emalcsa's Integrated Management System in order to comply with the regulations and certifications implemented.

Not only we take care of the implementation of the platform, its user manuals and training for the main users, but we actively collaborate to edit the textual contents into different courses enhacing the visual component.

As result: a campus formed initially by 5 courses (soon to be expanded) that allows to easily manage both content and students and facilitates reading and improvement of each course thanks to a clear structure and well thinked design.