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Founded on 2015, in Lapisoft we count on a small team of 3 great professionals, supported by strong collaborators and partners on different areas of interest. This support network makes us possible to deal with many different types of technology based projects, including the capture of initial technical requirements for the project development, usability tests on the final product, marketing strategies needed for the release (website, social networks, contents for media...)

In Lapisoft, our main focus is the client but also targeting the end user for every technical solution. Our products (as our users) result to be innovative, easy-to-use and multidevice..

Lapisoft creativity


In Lapisoft we are mostly focused on the health area, bringing the technology as a powerful tool to help the medical specialist as well as a support one for the pacient. But we are open-minded to other ideas or areas of expertise which can result into an interesting challenge for us.

apps and software

Apps and software

Design and implementation of sofware and apps focused on the user experience.

online courses

Online education

Design and management of online educational campus, accreditation, diffusion marketing and advertising...

apps android and iOS

Apps for mobile and tablet devices

Multidevice designed iOS and Android apps.

technological consulting

Technological consulting

We apply our known technologies and research for new ones to find the right solution.

What can we offer?

Complex products

We cover all the product cycle, starting from the design and development to the commercialization (advertising, etc)


We offer the best possible solution and we meet the deadlines. A happy costumer always returns :)


We are constantly learning and researching in order to be able to offer the best possible techonological solution to our costumers.


The main recipe for our products and services includes lots of creativity and many pinches of originality.


For us, the user is the one real protagonist. That is why we focused our work on offer him/her the best experience as possible.


We offer different support options, so you can find the right for you. We will jump right the way on any issue!