Management tools to help you to improve your bussiness

Management tools: apply new technologies to streamline and improve business processes

Most companies and research groups face daily handling of multimodal data that is usually presented (and stored) in different formats, commonly as files, but sometimes even on paper sheets. The information management process becomes inefficient because of the use of unstandardized protocols or tedious acquisition of data.

To solve all these problems, in Lapisoft we develop different sets of tools and interfaces specilized in data management. Solutions consist from simple records (lists and element sheets, ready for quering and calculate statisticals) to complex systems to manage custom business indicators, make evaluations on the data and extract reports ready to publish or print.

Specific problems need specifics solutions. That is the philosofy followed in Lapisoft. We believe that it is unconvenient to apply the same solution for every kind of problem. We trully believe in customization. Facing the design of management systems, we study the customer thoroughly (how business flows are carried on, how processes are optimized and which ones can be improved ...) in order to offer a customized solution that can fit the client's needs. The same concept applies on graphical design and corporate image. Both will be included as a design visual language and deeply incorporated into the customized development. The learning process of use of the platform will be seamless.

As a result of applying specific customization, our clients are able to get advantage of the data they can handle (improved results can be also obtained applying custom algorithms). Their management becomes more optimal adding the possibility of obtaining very visual and clear reports. With just a click of a button it will be possible to be aware of a project status.

If you want us to sit down together and evaluate how the management of information and data from your system can be improved, don't hesitate to contact us!