Worth Test App

Test Worth App: mobile app to ease pediatric ophthalmology

Project performed along with Doctora Rosario Gómez de Liaño, specialist in Neurophthalmology and Squint and also President of Sociedad Española de Estrabología. The app features to perform the Worth Four Light Test at the ophthalmologist's office with a smartphone or tablet, without the need of using a classic lantern.

The Test Worth App incorporates touching options, sounds and figures to make it more atractive (and also easier to use) to the diagnosis within pediatric users. As novelties, the app allows to use both blue and green colors (then it can be used with green or blue glasses), and also the possibility to choose between 3 or 4 elements to perform the test.

The app, mainly thought to ease the test perform on children's audience can also be used to study the binocular vision in adults and includes several test options such as 3 different distances.

Apart from the design and the implementation of the app for Android and iOS, in the upcoming weeks, the informative website will also be launched.