PCM Project

Project PCM-EVW: update and improvement of the spanish record of patients with von Willebrand disease

For this project, the starting point was a registry for the characterization of patients on 2010. Their implementation was not enough functional and not focused on user usability, lacked of options and functionalities, necessary on modern websites.

Focused on improving the platform, before starting the project itself, we contacted with the users of the old platform to learn directly from them what functionalities they could need for the new one. We also asked for necessary changes from the old one and the way that we could generally improve the whole platform.

With that information as a ground base and with the targeted users in mind, a data migration was carried out from the old to the new platform, and also an important improvement on the available features, usability and graphical interface. The goal: make day-to-day users feel comfortable wihtin the common tasks performed on the plataform (like inserting new patients or consulting data). It was also important to provide an easy access to the information and documentation when needed.

Apart from the design and implementation of the new platform with the idea of making known the new graphical interface of the project Spanish PCM-EVW, we created a new corporate image: logo, font type, color palette, document templates... Furthermore, an informative website was published to offer more information about the project itself, spread the word about the reactivation of the study and find potential investigators to join www.proyectopcm.com.

At the end of 2017, the project PCM-EVW-ES (from whose technological platform we continue to be in charge) has been awarded the Prize Duquesa of Soria for the best international research project for congenital coagulopathies.