Research and Development

Projects. Technological consulting and innovation

In Lapisoft, we work to find the best technological solutions to apply for any problem and area. In order to do that, not only we try to implement technical approaches to areas traditionaly not technological (as the health area), but also we try to be as most implied as we can in all type of projects which allow us to learn and research, mostly related with the natural environment, culture, or social field.

Thus, we are capable of offering customized solutions for our clients (starting from their needs, budget and agenda), always oriented to satisfy the end user. Some other times, we get on board of collaborative projects for which, instead of clients, we collaborate with a group of people eager to innovate and moving forward original ideas and original projects.

Within the technical consulting area we worked for other companies and professionals in apps related with the nutrition, custom software solutions for medical devices, medical platforms for helping diagnosis and some other solutions related with the sex health, among others.

In the most innovative area, we participated along with some collaborators on several european and national proposals of projects. We covered areas such as eHealth and natural environment.