Diseño de páginas web, hosting y dominio, SEO, avisos legales...

Design of 100% complete websites: SEO, domain and hosting

Both to publicize a company or business and to provide information on a specific product (an app, an online course or any type of service), having a presence on the internet is essential. And that this presence is accessible from any device (computer or mobile device) can only be achieved with 'responsive' designs that adapt to all browsers and media.

For this reason, in Lapisoft we take care of designing webs adapted to the needs of each case: simple web page (for the launch of apps or for companies that seek to offer a limited portfolio of services), multi-page web (with different sections, in which the amount of information is greater), and webs that are updated by CMS (to allow the client to update it at any time through, for example, Wordpress).

As always, depending on the needs and budget of the client, we try to offer you a 100% complete product that suits your expectations. In addition to offering an attractive and functional design, we optimize our websites following SEO criteria so they can appear in the first search results of Google and other search engines.

We also usually take care of the purchase of domain (and their certificates) and web hosting. And, in collaboration with one of our partners, we can add to each website the legal information that must be included in each case (privacy policy, legal notice, cookies policy ...). So the client does not have to worry about anything :)

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